About Us

Peloton Technologies, LLC specializes in repurposing industrial food processing waste into high value compounding materials used to make industrial and consumer products.  For example, rubber compounding is the addition of certain materials to raw rubber in order to obtain the desired rubber properties.  Our materials are grounded in world class research and commercially developed to help companies profit from their waste streams, while providing valuable new solutions to downstream product manufacturers.  This means we bring opportunity to those who currently only have expensive and very limited options for disposal of waste, and to those who are looking for next generation materials for their products.

Waste is not glamorous and it is definitely not inexpensive to dispose of.  But waste can be glamorous in the sense that it can be beneficial and profitable if creatively repurposed.  That’s what we call “valuable waste,” a waste that has the potential to be more than an undesirable and burdensome byproduct. 

Peloton is much more than simply a waste processing company.  Our efforts extend to identifying “valuable waste,” marketing, and sales of the new materials to companies looking for alternative replacements or extenders for their currently used compounding materials.  Our repurposed waste products are sent downstream as a high demand, high value advanced material for use in a diversity of industries and applications.




To provide food processing companies with an accessible and profitable alternative to their process waste disposal problems, while simultaneously providing downstream markets with alternative product options to their current materials.


Technology and business know-how that turns waste into new and exciting advanced materials and profit centers for your business.



Provide repurposed waste-based materials that achieve COST, AVAILABILITY, and PERFORMANCE parity with less desirable legacy materials.