About Us

Peloton Technologies, LLC specializes in practical innovation that transforms waste materials into valuable new industrial and consumer products.  

Repurposing agricultural waste, industrial by-products and natural materials that would otherwise be landfilled or subject to other undesirable disposal methods is at the core of our innovation.  Producing sustainable, high performance materials ranging from rubber compounding biofillers to low-cost biosorbents that replace commonly used carbon black and activated carbon are examples of our products. 

As an example, rubber products include the addition of certain filler materials to raw rubber in order to obtain desired rubber properties.  Tires, as an example, contain petroleum-based carbon black as part of the rubber formulation.  That’s why your tires are black.  By repurposing specific industrial waste streams, Peloton is producing waste-derived reinforcing fillers and alternative carbon black advanced materials that increase the sustainable content of rubber.

Calcium carbonate is yet another well known filler used throughout a variety of industries and products.  Our waste-derived fillers can provide higher performance qualities in many applications where calcium carbonate is currently used. 


“VALUABLE WASTE”: Waste that has the potential to be more than an undesirable and burdensome byproduct. 


Our advanced process technologies utilizing agricultural and industrial food waste conversion systems are grounded in world-class research with an eye toward providing real world, practical solutions.  

Peloton Technologies is an expert in identifying valuable waste, providing practical and economical conversion processing options, and creating a sustainable finished product to innovative companies seeking 21st century solutions to age-old problems.  Our products are always optimized for high performance and are being used in a diversity of applications and industries.

Taking technology beyond theory.



Provide waste generating companies accessible and profitable solutions to their waste management problems, while providing downstream markets exceptional, high-performance, sustainable, premium products.


Technology and business know-how that repurposes waste problems into new and exciting advanced materials and profit centers for your business.



Provide repurposed waste-based products that achieve COST, AVAILABILITY, and PERFORMANCE parity with less desirable legacy products.