About Us

PELOTON TECHNOLOGIES specializes in repurposed agricultural and industrial food production residues. 

Repurposing under-utilized agricultural and industrial food production residues that would otherwise be landfilled or subject to other limited and undesirable disposal methods is the impetus behind our innovative materials. 

As an example, natural and synthetic rubbers need additional reinforcing fillers to achieve desired properties in final rubber products.  Legacy fillers are mainly carbon black and precipitated silicas.  Various fillers possess a variety of traits such as tensile strength, aging resistance, abrasion resistance and others and are chosen based on desired results for the specific rubber product.  

Tires, a voluminous rubber product, contain petroleum-based carbon blacks as part of the rubber formulation.  That’s why your tires are black.  Traditionally produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum, carbon blacks are used as a pigment and fillers in tires as well as a million other products.  These fillers conduct heat away from the tread and belt area of the tire, which reduces thermal damage and extends the life of the tire.  Additionally, fillers reduce the amount of costly rubber necessary to build a rubber product.  Unfortunately, there is also a down-side in that carbon black production creates undesirable environmental by-products.

Peloton Technologies provides innovative natural materials created from agricultural and industrial food processing residues, all grounded in world-class research with an eye toward real world practical solutions.  Our premium biomaterials are chock-full of high performance alternatives in applications where legacy materials have previously been used.  Our premium calcium carbonate (CaCO3) micro-fillers, for example, greatly reduce the negative impacts of producing products with the legacy materials, without a loss of quality and performance.    

“VALUABLE RESIDUES”: Wastes that are more than undesirable and burdensome byproducts. 

We are experts in identifying valuable residues contained in agricultural and industrial waste streams, providing practical and profitable repurposing options, and creating next generation materials for innovative companies seeking new solutions to age-old problems.  Peloton Technologies’ premium materials are optimized to meet the highest standards our customers demand and deserve.

Exceptional, high-performance, premium biomaterials when, where, and how you need them.

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Provide accessible and profitable solutions for handling of agricultural and industrial processing residues, while providing downstream markets with exceptional, high-performance, sustainable, premium materials for finished products.


Expertise and technology that efficiently repurposes processing residues into new and innovative advanced materials and profit centers.



Provide repurposed products that achieve COST, AVAILABILITY, and PERFORMANCE parity with less desirable legacy products.